FTIR Stack and Field Testing

Experience that produces results.

Prism Analytical Technologies first deployed a FTIR spectrometer for stack testing in 1992. FTIR was a relatively unknown analytical technology at that time, but is now one of the most widely accepted, versatile, and accurate analytical techniques on the market. FTIR can accurately speciate and quantify dozens of chemical compounds, in real time, in the most challenging chemical mixtures. Over the years Prism has field-tested thousands of emissions sources across a wide variety of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, chemical, cement, coal power, natural gas, agriculture, ethanol, and resin to name a few.

Prism’s team of Analytical Chemists along with our fleet of FTIRs can tackle small single day compliance tests to multi-site simultaneous long-term engineering studies. Review the tabs below and contact us to find out more about FTIR testing and how to put our years of experience to work for you!

Compliance Testing

FTIR is now widely accepted as an approved method for meeting emission compliance regulations. Use extractive FTIR to test emission sources according to standardized test methods such as ASTM-6348, USEPA 320, USEPA 321, and USEPA 318.

Engineering Testing

Utilize the real time response of FTIR to optimize production processes and emission control equipment. FTIR measurements can be made at sub-second frequencies to monitor changes in emissions while process parameters are changed.


RATA Testing

Ensure your continual emission monitoring system (CEMS) is returning accurate results by performing a relative accuracy test audit (RATA) using FTIR.

Efficiency Testing

FTIR is widely used to both quantify and optimize the destruction or removal efficiency of abatement devices, wet scrubbers, and other emission control devices in real time.