Integrated FTIR Testing Systems

Performance and dependability.

Have an integrated FTIR test system that you spend more time repairing than running? Prism Analytical now offers FTIR-based integrated test systems that have the highest level of analytical performance and dependability. Our elegant designs target fast and accurate analyses, dependable operation, and minimized repair time.

Key design concepts include:

  • Double filtration to minimize optics fouling and maintenance

  • Integrated calibration and purge capabilities

  • Direct gas temperature measurement for improved accuracy

  • Optional high speed (5 Hz @ 0.5 cm-1) sampling and analysis

  • EMO and electrical overload switching for safety

  • AK Protocol and other I/O communication capability

Unlike other OEM integrators, Prism couples our integrated test systems with decades of FTIR testing and support experience to provide our customers with all of the resources needed to meet their testing needs. Let our team of analytical chemists, controls engineers, and applications specialists design an integrated FTIR system that’s right for you.

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