Indoor Air Surveys

Simplifying complex chemical data into an actionable plan.

Chemicals (VOCs) in the air we breathe make up the largest and most complex aspect of indoor air quality.  Reducing the complex analysis of hundreds of chemicals to an understandable and actionable form is key to improving indoor air quality. 

Prism’s IAQ Home and Commercial Survey’s provide:

  • Determination of the total level of VOCs (TVOC) in the air

  • Assessment of the air quality relative to recommended guidelines

  • Categorization of VOC sources

  • Prediction of sources contributing to the TVOC level

  • Suggestions on actions needed to improve air quality

Resulting in a cost effective, easy to understand report that provides the information required to develop an actionable plan for improving air quality.

Most people spend a lot of time in commercial and office buildings so indoor air quality complaints and problems must be addressed.

Exterior of a Building


Suburb Family Home


Residential air quality can be challenging to assess because of the variety of building types, conditions, and possible VOC sources.