IAQ Home Survey Training


Becoming an IAQ Home Survey provider is a very time efficient and simple process.  You are not being trained to be an IAQ expert but rather to be able to properly collect and submit an air sample to the lab.  

Training Guidelines

Instructions on how to collect an air sample are included in your Air Survey Kit.  We strongly recommend you take the IAQ Home Survey Sampling certification test that will provide additional knowledge about testing and logistics.

We also recommend you visit the Marketing Materials page.  Here you will find details about IAQ Home Survey as well as several other topics and resources.  Reviewing this material will help you better understand key points about VOC testing.

It is recommend that you review the sample reports found in the IAQ Home Survey Marketing Materials section to familiarize yourself with the actual report your customers will see.  

There also a Getting Started document that is helpful to get you going.  Please see the tab below.


Learn all about how easy it is to use IAQ Home Survey! Certification course covers optimum testing conditions, sample collection locations, handling the sample collection media (thermal desorption tubes and pumps), collecting the sample, filling out the Chain of Custody (COC) form, and sending the sample to Prism for analysis. 


IAQHS Training Certification


Sample set up and collection is easy. 


Click Here for Sampling instructions

Sample Tube Encapsulation - How to Open Video

Getting Started

Getting started is quick and easy. A little bit of equipment and training and you're ready to go!

Getting Started

940 IAQHS Sell Sheet - Customizable