Green Building Certification


The complexity of air quality testing for LEED® certification and subsequent compliance, in most cases comes down to your TVOC and Formaldehyde levels.   With so many products and factors contributing to the VOC levels in your 'Green Building', how can you be sure that you have found the source? 


Prism offers varying levels of detail to fit your pricing constraints for air quality testing used for LEED® certification.        

With Prism's team and laboratory on your side you can pass VOC guidelines for certification.  Contact us to discuss your upcoming LEED®, BREEAM®, or other green building program project.


There are a number of green building programs for commercial, home, and school certification.  All programs have a number of categories encompassing building materials, ventilation, lighting, as well as indoor environmental quality.  Each category has requirements that must be met to earn points in that category and the sum of points from all cateogies determines the level of certification.

One of the most popular programs is LEED®, the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. This program is followed all over the world. The Indoor Environmental Quality credit is earned by demonstrating good air quality by a 2 week flushout period or testing for formaldehyde, TVOC, 4-PCH (for carpet only), carbon monoxide, and particulate matter.

Another common program is BREEAM®.

VOC Options

There are several aspects to VOC testing, Prism performs analyses for total VOCs (TVOC), 4-phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH), and formaldehyde.

Green Products

Green products are becoming more prevalent as concern about indoor air quality grows.  There are a number of programs that demonstrate that the product meets certain criteria.