Getting Started with IAQ Home Survey

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Other than the cost of purchasing the test equipment and the cost of the analyses, there are no additional costs to participate in the IAQ Home Survey professional network, nor are there any membership fees. Prism simply provides a way for potential home-buyers and concerned homeowners to receive a detailed, professional indoor air quality service if desired, as well as a method for professional service providers to generate another income stream.

What do I need?

  • Equipment - the Air Survey Kit (purchased) or a pump + Thermal Desorption Tube (typically rented)

  • Training & Certification to make sure I can collect samples, ship them appropriately, and explain the results to my customers

  • Marketing materials to make me successful

Training Certification

See just how easy it is to properly collect a sample. Learn More>

IAQHS Sample Collection Certification

Marketing Materials

Let us help you be successful. Take advantage of years of experience in marketing IAQ Home Survey to improve your business.

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Equipment & Logistics

The sampling equipment is portable and easy to use. Samples can be shipped to Prism for as little as $7! 


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