FTIR Support


Having a powerful, and expensive, analytical instrument and not knowing how to get the full value out of it can be like having a race car you don’t know how to drive. Why spend the money when you can’t fully tap into the power? Fortunately Prism has a complete suite of services centered on equipping our customers to fully utilize the power of their FTIR spectrometer and making sure it stays running for years to come.

We offer support in the areas of application consultation, user training, FTIR rental, custom calibrations/recipes, field service, and data validation. We offer all of these services a la carte or in a Support Contract depending on the level of support needed.

Unlike other FTIR companies, Prism Analytical has decades of hands on experience in FTIR testing across a wide section of industry. That means we’ve encountered all of the pitfalls you might be experiencing and have found solutions around them. Utilize our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience so that you can focus on what you do best. Click the tabs below or contact us to find out more about the suite of services we have to offer.

Equipment Rental

Prism has standardized on the MKS MultiGas FTIR analyzer and has complete heated extractive FTIR analysis systems available for weekly and monthly rental.

Data Validation

Prism has pioneered a desktop data validation service to validate both the accuracy of FTIR data and entire test plans. Simply send us your data and a chain of custody form, and we’ll do the rest.  


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User Training

Prism can host classroom, in-field, or even remote desktop training sessions to cover topics including data collection, standardized test methods, instrument maintenance, recipe optimization, and more!

FTIR Troubleshooting & Repair

Prism’s founding members were integral to the design and manufacturing of MKS’s MultiGas FTIR analyzer and consequently we have industry leading expertise in troubleshooting and repairing most instrumental problems. Call us today to troubleshoot your instrument over the phone.