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Fourier Transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR) is a non-destructive broad spectrum analytical technique that allows for simultaneous quantification of dozens of compounds in real time, and it’s at the core of Prism Analytical Technologies’ business. FTIR can be used to quantify any compound that will absorb IR light, which excludes only homo-nuclear diatomic molecules such as oxygen, nitrogen, and chlorine. Unlike mass spectrometry, FTIR detectors that are properly configured have inherent fixed calibrations, so there is no need for frequent detector calibration. FTIR can be used to measure high percent to low ppb concentrations depending on the compound and instrumental configuration, and is found in a variety of industries including but not limited to automotive, power generation, semiconductor, cement, natural gas compression, agriculture, ethanol, and resin.

Prism has three main areas of focus for FTIR – Stack Testing, Integrated Testing Systems, and Technical Support and Services. Click the tabs below to find out more about the full suite of services and equipment Prism has to offer.

Stack Testing

Prism has been conducting FTIR-based stack testing for over two decades. Learn how to put our experience to work for you. 


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Integrated FTIR Testing Systems

Prism draws on decades of hands on field testing experience and extensive knowledge of FTIR testing equipment to produce high performance dependable testing systems. Let us design a system that is right for you. 


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FTIR Support and Service

Prism offers a variety of support and services for FTIR users including equipment rental, application consultation, user training, custom calibrations and/or recipes, data validation, and instrument troubleshooting and repair.

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