FTIR Data Validation


Have you ever received FTIR results that you can’t quite believe? All analytical scientists have experienced results they don’t trust from time to time. Prism offers a post-test data validation service that validates the accuracy of FTIR measurements and, in the case of compliance testing, validates that the overall test was conducted according to regulated test methods such as ASTM6348-03, USEPA 320, USEPA 321, and USEPA 318.

Prism’s data validation process is simple, fast and affordable. Customers simply complete a chain of custody (COC) form and upload the necessary data to Prism’s secure data sharing website. Prism’s Validation Team will review the data and return a comprehensive data validation report that includes details about data accuracy, test compliance, and areas for improvement. Let Prism take the question out of the accuracy and compliance of your FTIR results!