Work environments can contain a myriad of sources that produce unwanted chemicals (VOCs) in the air.  Couple that with insufficient ventilation and the resulting air breathed by building occupants can affect productivity, work quality and worker health.

Prism offers a comprehensive portfolio of air testing for VOCs.   This allows for detailed investigations that are determined by the specific issue.  In addition to these customizable tests, Prism offers VOC air quality testing used for LEED® certification and the IAQ Commercial Survey. IAQ Commercial Survey is a simple but comprehensive air test that can determine the extent of unwanted chemicals (VOCs) and it also predicts the sources of these chemicals.  By knowing the sources, an action plan can be developed and implemented that will lead to a healthier work environment.

Eliminating unwanted chemicals creates better quality air.  This leads to increased worker productivity, job satisfaction and an overall healthier work force.

Indoor Air VOCs

VOCs are omnipresent in indoor air. Most noticeable when there is an odor or a health issue, VOCs are a part of everyday life and can have unexpected effects on us.  

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Mold VOCs

Mold is a pervasive problem in the indoor environment. Any source or buildup of water can create an inviting environment for mold growth.

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Formaldehyde is present in many materials and can cause health problems from mild irritation to cancer.

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Smells can have a big effect on us, ranging from a pleasant odor that gives us a good feeling to something irritating or causing physical illness. We all experience and react to odors in different ways, making source identification challenging.

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Green Buildings

The built environment is becoming more important as our awareness of the potential problems poor indoor air quality can cause.

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