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Are Green Homes Healthy? - IAQA and Indoor Air Expo 2011
Determination of Tobacco Smoke Using VOC Markers - AIHce 2012
Air Quality Trends in Residential Locations - AIHce 2013
New Methods of Sampling and Analysis of Formaldehyde - AIHce 2013
VOC Investigations What’s in the Air? - AIHce 2014
Indoor Air Quality Testing during Home Inspections - Inspection World 2015
VOCs During Indoor Air Quality Assessments: Challenges and Solutions - IAQA 18th Annual Meeting 2015
Evaluating Fire & Smoke Contamination in Indoor Air - IAQA 18th Annual Meeting 2015
Quantitative Technology Alternative to GCxGC for Complex Mixtures - Pittcon 2015
An Optical GC Detector for Analyzing Complex Air Mixtures - Pittcon 2015
A Novel Method for Determining Chemical Residues from Fire and Smoke in Indoor Air - AIHce 2015
After the Smoke Clears: Assessing Post-Fire Contamination - RIA Webinar September 2016
VOC & Particulate Data: A More Comprehensive View of IAQ - IAQA 2017
Analysis of VOCs & Formaldehyde - ASBP Expo 2017
Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers, and Air Cleansing Processes for IAQ Improvements - IW 2017
A Novel FTIR / GC-FTIR Analyzer for Environmental Monitoring - Pittcon 17'
Low Level Product Off-gassing by IR / GC-IR - Pittcon 17'
A Novel FTIR / GC-FTIR Detection Method as Applied to Process Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Purity - Pittcon 17'
Determination of Thermal Oxidizer Destruction and Removal Efficiency with Innovative FTIR/GC-FTIR Analyzer - Pittcon 17'

The Last Frontier: Odors in the Indoor Environment - Carolinas EIA Fall Meeting 2017

Air Cleaner Technologies - IAQA 2018 S. Froelicher
Much Ado About Fire - IAQA 2018 A. Delia
A Green New World - IAQA 2018 A. Delia
De-Mystifying VOCs - EIA Annual Meeting 2018 PDC
Formaldehyde: Are you prepared for the next news release? - EIA Annual Meeting 2018