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Dedicated, cost effective, simple to use equipment


Prism provides a dedicated air sampling kit designed to be used exclusively for collecting VOC air samples.  The Air Survey Kit (ASK) is available in a two pump, four sample tube configuration and supplied in a hard shell carrying case.  The pumps are set for a fixed rate flow of 200ml/min and are battery operated.  They are operated by a simple on-off switch.  The kit also contains necessary shipping material to safely pack the sample media for shipment to the laboratory.  The sampling pumps and media are also available for rent.

Cost effective, easy to ship sampling media

The sampling media is a Thermal Desorption Tube (TDT).  It is a 4.5 inch long 1/4inch diameter glass tube which makes it extremely easy and cost effective to send to the laboratory.  Shipping can be as low as $6 and normal shipping methods can be used.  The tubes are also designed so that sample degradation is not an issue for at least three weeks after the sample is taken.  The media allows for a large volume air sample which provides detection limits for over 500 compounds in the low ppb to high ppt range.

The Air Survey Kit (ASK) will make your life easy! Pumps and TDTs are all together in one place and the hard-sided carrying case makes grabbing everything you need off the shelf simple. View Bulletin 1010 for more details about the ASK.
Thermal desorption tubes (TDT) are small and easy to ship, just place them in the cardboard shipping tube and package them well and use any carrier (USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc.) to send them to Prism.
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