Volatile News: TCE - A Renewed Interest

Volatile News
April 2017
Rebekah Armentrout 
Office Manager
TCE - A Renewed Interest
Multiple requests for Trichloroethylene (TCE) have been received as of late. TCE is classified as a probable carcinogen. It was initially used in the US in the medical field as an anesthetic. It was later used in the food industry and to decaffeinate coffee. It's sometimes used as a spot treatment for dry cleaning. Recently TCE has made its comeback as a solvent ingredient in metal degreasers especially those used in the automotive industry.
The interest in TCE in the air quality industry has peaked over the last couple years in regards to ground water contamination and vapor intrusion into the home setting. Barrels of toxic waste water containing TCE that have previously been buried or illegally dumped have found their way into the water table causing the ground water to be contaminated. TCE volatilizes through hot water or the ground directly into homes where it is recirculated and may build up to unsafe levels in today's more energy efficient homes. This is causing many current and prospective homeowners near these dump sites to be alarmed. The Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease registry has released a map for toxic waste disposal locations located here http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/substances/SubstanceMap.asp. What are some of the questions you have been asked and what are some ways you address this growing concern in your area?
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